We finished on Thursday afternoon at the Tuxerfernerhaus for a final get-together, chat and a chance to
compare impressions, thoughts and ideas for future Freeheeler Campus events. Overall everyone was very
positive about the 4 days, the main comments being:
 Great inclusive atmosphere to the whole event; people were respectful and open to new/different
ideas and approaches.
 English was the spoken language for the event (ideal for me!) but there was general agreement
that this worked well.
 Everyone was keen to do it again!
 There was request to share the notes that anyone might have about their own or others workshops
 Bullet points on a paper handout for each workshop would be useful.
 Have a separate WhatsApp group for Campus presenters and attenders only.
 More skiing / less talking as a good guideline for future events
 Encourage different topics next time.
 Invite Finns, French, etc. In general finding contacts and links in those countries not represented
this time. Please send in any contacts you know as soon as convenient so we can spread the word
 Organise group emails/messages to coordinate and share travel info, car sharing, etc.
 Maybe the Campus should be at the end of season? More professionals are available then whereas
many are preparing and training with their own national organisations at the start of the season?
Some of the feedback we have had:
 “Campus worked really well, both in content and atmosphere. Sharing ideas – some of them
challenging – within in a really inclusive setting was illuminating.“
 “Campus was a very good experience and I would attend it next year again… the different nations
approaches were interesting to see and experience… a perfect possibility to exchange knowledge
specific in telemarking… the concept seems to me perfect and should not be changed… go ahead
planning the second Tele Campus in 2023… it will be even a bigger success…”
 “The atmosphere was outstanding. We liked it a lot. The event was well organised and a good start
for a ‘first timer’. Keep up the good work and see you soon.”
 As said congrat to you (John) and Richard for what you did and are doing.
We were all very grateful for the help and support of the ‘Hintertuxer Gletscher’ company and also the
Tourismus Tuxertal and also the help from the FIS Telemark Race organisers. The outcome was that
Campus attendees and presenters were included in the deal with half-board accommodation, ski pass and
lunchtime meal vouchers in return for assistance with race preparation, race monitoring and also clearing
up after the race days. Future Campus events will need to be set up in a more commercially self-sustaining
way but it was so good to have the support mentioned here for this inaugural event.
For planning and organising the event we are very grateful to Richard Schuerf and Alex Bittner of
www.freeheeler.eu and 7tm bindings and also John Eames of ‘The Off-piste and Telemark Ski Company’
and also as representative of and Telemark Trainer for the British Association of Snowsports Instructors.
Most of the presenters and attendees of the Campus stayed on for the European Freeheeler Opening
weekend, making the most of the full week of Telemark events, activities, equipment testing, attending
some of the workshops (for me it was freestyle on freeheel skis – a real adventure and challenge! ) and
also running some of the workshops over the weekend.

I think everyone involved left Hintertux at the end of the week full of freeheel spirit and passion and
‘stoked’ for the season ahead, having shared and learnt a lot about freeheel skiing and, of course!, having
really enjoyed the skiing, the activities and being a part of this unique and inclusive Telemark community.

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